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Regular Mandarin (Putonghua) Course

  • Mandarin (Putonghua) Conversation Courses suitable for Expatriates and HK People
  • HSK Preparation Course suitable for Foreigners, click here for more details
  • PSC Preparation Course suitable for Hong Kong People or Mandarin Speakers

We know that there are many different options for students to choose from for the Putonghua course in Hong Kong (or a Mandarin course in Hong Kong). Today, we recommend our Mandarin course for you, we refer to it as our Mandarin Regular Course, which is suitable for working people, people on vacation, or actually any person who have relatively fixed class time and want to learn Mandarin, all of whom that are over the age of 16.

You can choose to take regular Putonghua course classes for two evenings per week after work; Or use your vacation time to choose a crash course in the daytime or in the evening time slot; Or you can spare two or four hours during the day to learn Mandarin regular course with other classmates from Monday to Friday. In other words, Mandarin Regular Courses are suitable for people who have a relatively fixed time schedule to take short courses.

By taking our Mandarin Regular Course, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Small class size (maximum 6 people per class)
  • Free Customized Mandarin course materials and handouts
  • Regular time schedule and location
  • Achieve the same goals with classmates of the same Mandarin level
  • Benefit from the interaction with fellow classmates

Make the smart choice – Join a Putonghua course now!

Mandarin (Putonghua) is widely recognized as one of the most popular languages in the world. It is spoken by about 1 billion people, and Chinese culture has become an important topic of interest on the world stage. There has been a growing number of students from different countries and corporate clients learning Mandarin (Putonghua). Why don’t you make a smart choice and join now?

In addition, in our Mandarin courses (Putonghua courses), there are 16 levels of courses, including 4 levels of elementary level, 8 levels of intermediate level, and 4 levels of advanced level. The content of the Putonghua course is from the shallow to the deep, step by step, in which students can start at basics zero, stick with the beginner, intermediate and move on to advanced courses, completing the 16 levels in as little as eight weeks.