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Private Cantonese Lesson

Looking for unparalleled flexibility and practicality in a course? Our Cantonese tutor Hong Kong offers an individual and small group class learning experience.

Private Cantonese Lesson – Description

Our Cantonese private courses and group courses have great flexibility and relevance, and have become popular with people from all walks of life because of its vivid expression and melodic feeling. In the future, more and more will choose to learn Cantonese to improve their competitiveness, and here are some popular Cantonese private courses:

  • Cantonese for Expatriates
  • Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers
  • Business Cantonese
  • Cantonese for Children
  • Cantonese for Primary and Secondary School Students
  • Traditional Chinese Writing for Overseas Chinese and Expats
  • Chinese compositions for students in Hong Kong
  • And much much more!

Our school offers a wide variety of Cantonese private lessons that cannot be fully listed here. We do offer tailor-made Cantonese language programs that suit the specific needs of an individual or small group.

Do your need a good Cantonese tutor in Hong Kong with Cantonese Private Lessons now? No problem, we have a lot of great native Cantonese tutors in Hong Kong waiting to fulfil your needs: the teachers will first understand students’ Cantonese language level and the actual needs of students, and then develop a set of suitable and practical teaching program for students in order to achieve their ultimate learning goals.

A major highlight of our Private Cantonese Lessons is the fact that students can opt for any class time and venue that suits their schedule the best. Also, they can freely adjust or cancel their classes 24 hours in advance before the class starts.

Here is a little hint: If you don’t have a regular class schedule because of your busy working or other commitments, it would be better for you to take a Private Cantonese class than a Regular one. As Private classes can have the flexibility to reschedule, adjust and cancel your own classes. For Regular courses, they may be often missed as students can’t attend regular classes because of sudden scheduling conflicts.

Call us today for more details, or any requests for a tailor made Cantonese learning package that suits your needs.

Private Cantonese Lesson – Price List

Price List for Cantonese Private Lessons

(Hourly rate per group)

No of Student(s) (Per group)Plan A
(60 hours or up)
Plan B
(30 – 59 hours)
Plan C
(15 – 29 hours)
Plan D
(1 – 14 hours)


  • All the above rates are for tuition component only. All material fees and costs of travelling are not included.
  • Exact material fees depend on what textbooks or learning materials are to be used (our language consultant may recommend suitable materials for you after a pre-class evaluation).
  • Travelling fees may vary according to the final class venue.